Race to the Top


A Race to the Top in Arbitration Venues

There is a race to the top when it comes to arbitration venues. Every country will say that they are the best place for arbitrating disputes. As such, parties usually opt to have their disputes arbitrated in those traditional, most prominent and more in demand places. They are glamorous and sophisticated.

However, often times one regret to have made that choice. Because they are glamorous, sophisticated and highly in demand, they often become overcrowded, inefficient, and extremely costly.

That’s why one should arbitrate in Portugal !


Arbitration is About Making a Good Choice

Arbitration stems from contractual freedom, and choice. When it comes to chosing the mechanism to solve disputes, diversity is the key element. Not only in players and stakeholders, but also, and more importantly, in places.

If you choose Portugal, you’re making the BEST CHOICE !


Portugal – The Best Choice

When chosing an arbitration venue, many questions spring in your mind. Most likely, you will find yourself drawing a checklist of the necessary requirements to arbitrate in a safe country.

By safety, we don’t mean just legal safety, but more importantly, your own safety.

Meeting every international standard!

Portugal meets every standard for an Arbitration Safe Seat:

1. Modern legislation,

inspired by internationally accepted requirements, and accession to major international treaties;

2. Supportive Judiciary system,

adopting an arbitration leaning;

3. Legal Expertise of the Portuguese arbitration community,

very much internationally oriented;

4. Rights of Representation fully recognised,

with no considerable constraints for foreign lawyers to arbitrate in Portugal;

5. Ethic Standards recognised and adopted,

a number of arbitral institutions have already adopted the IBA Guidelines in Party Representation and Conflicts of Interests;

6. Accessibility and safety – Portugal is very well served in Airport, railways, and other travelling infraestructures. It is certainly one of the safest countries in the EU. The legal system also provides a safety net for arbitration.



But There’s More:

7. Portugal is the best Geographic Location between the American, African and European continents;

8. Portuguese is the 6th most widely spoken language (around 250 million people speak Portuguese) – It is a hard learning language, but you will not get lost in Portugal;

9. Lisbon is currently one of the trendiest cities in the world;

10. Portugal is currently bubbling in foreign investments and capital flows;

and it provides

Cost and time efficiency

Cost and time efficiency in arbitration !

When arbitrating in Portugal, even in those most complex matters, you will not break your bank. Courts, arbitral institutions, and lawyers’ fees are very much reasonable when thinking of  the costs / benefits relationship !


Have a better view of the Portuguese Arbitration

and keep ahead in the race to the top.

Download our Guide for Portuguese Arbitration!


Guide for Portuguese Arbitration